Here are some of the best Dubai preschools for your child

Preschools are the first step the child takes towards receiving an education. Often, they are the child's first exposure to the outside world, away from his/her parents. That is why it is important for you to enroll your child in a preschool.

UN launches Iraq Recovery and Resilience Program

Harlow International proudly takes you through the details of a new program launched for the reconstruction and resilience of Iraq. UN has taken an initiative which will surely promote construction on an overall country.

4 Common Challenges Entrepreneurs Face in UAE

There are several challenges entrepreneurs may face due to the market environment of the UAE. Find out the ways suggested by the expert business consultants to ace in the market.

High-Qualified Training Sessions –Accord Worldwide

Training has become quite a necessity for the business development. Accord Worldwide offers a range of courses available in various techniques from In-house training to virtual training at the comfort of your place.

Destination Management

Are you planning a weekend or a business trip to the place you are less aware of? Well, it’s not a big deal now. Just like event management companies you can hire Destination Management companies to plan your destinations.

Fire Extinguishers By Global Alarms

Fire extinguishers are an active fire protection devices. These devices are usually used to control small fire in case of emergency. The fire extinguishers are not meant for using and controlling in out of control fire.

Ways To Improve Hiring Process In Any Company

Hiring new candidates can be a hectic task if you are unaware of the business techniques. Hiring candidates do not only mean to appoint employers but also to add new talent to your company. Here are some of the simple tips you can follow while hiring new candidates.

Forensic Audits

Financial crimes, such as corruption from government funds, financial fraud and scams, and other legal disputes of a financial nature often make rely on forensic audits for investigation.