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Personnel consulting becomes one of the most efficient management tools, using by administrative structures of an enterprise and top management. There is a number of business concerns, which can be dissolved by optimization of a personnel system, such as a development strategy, formation of an organizational structure, personnel restructuration, sales increase, salary expenditure management and so on.

Business Aid offers a service of personnel consulting, based on a dialogue basis. It is essential to develop personnel solutions, implement them and analyze the results at the least stressful conditions for management and employees. The first step of a personnel consultant activity is research of a current employment situation, guided by an HR manager or a director.

Business Aid sets a communicational aspect between management and personnel as a foundation of prosperous business development. Crisis, sales decrease, holder replacement or a market share constriction can be overcome if a corporation represents an integrated union of employees. At this point, our consultants concentrate their attention at the following communication aspects:

  • audit of current communication channels and information requirements of personnel;
  • identification of incorporate communication channels and their optimization;
  • corporate branding or promotion of corporate culture values;
  • planning and introduction of personnel feedback programs;
  • development of an informational policy of a company for conflict management and prevention.

The structure of the system of training and development
The system of training and personnel development is implemented in two formats: group and individual. Each of the formats has its advantages and limitations, as well as specific methods and technologies. Let’s consider them in more detail.
The group methods of training and development:

  • training of professional and management skills;
  • professional seminars and master classes;
  • courses of professional retraining and advanced training;
  • business simulations;
  • and other.

The advantages of the group training:
  • an ability to simulate different work situations from actual practice and to develop new ways of behaviour in such situations in an educational format;
  • an opportunity to receive a feedback and support from colleagues in the learning process;
  • a team-building effect;
  • an economic benefit (to provide training for 12 people is much cheaper than to organize for each an individual course).