Things to consider when choosing the right Microsoft Dynamics Partner

Selecting the right Microsoft Dynamics partner in Saudi Arabia is not only vital for the initial implementation in your business. It also yields ongoing success in your business. Below are some of the most important things to look for when selecting the right Microsoft Dynamics Partner in Saudi Arabia.

Microsoft Dynamics Partner in Saudi ArabiaIndustry Experience

Obviously, experience is a big factor you need to consider. When you have a Microsoft Dynamics partner with specific industry experience in your area of interest, it makes things go smoothly. Apart from helping to implement the right processes, an experience partner with offer special advice on the best way to handle ongoing projects. They suggest additional solutions and process improvements to help your organization succeed with implementation.

Partner Proficiency

There are different competency levels associated with Microsoft partners. Certifications are issued by Microsoft based on this competency levels. When selecting a Microsoft Dynamics partner, make sure their competency is in line with what you need. They should have the right wherewithal to handle your specific needs.

Client focused Service

Some partners are more client-focused than others. The ideal partner should have genuine interest to help you succeed. Select a partner with excellent customer relationship management. They should be willing to understand the nature of your business and how it works. This is the best way the partner can help you succeed in your Microsoft Dynamics implementation.

Client focused ServiceService offering

During post implementation support, you will want to deal with a partner that has complete service on your needs. A lot of organizations need services in areas such as integration, user adoption, training, and customization. The right partner should be able to provide these services. That is the reasons why you are hiring them in the first place.


Just as it is with other types of business, proper communication is a major factor for success. The ideal Microsoft Dynamics partner should be transparent and respond properly to your needs. If they are too busy or lack in the aspect of proper communication, you should try another partner. This is because it will even be more difficult to reach them after initial implementation.

Relationship with ISV Independent software vendors

There are so many ISVs with good reputation in the IT industry. The ideal Microsoft Dynamics should have a connection with them. The software vendors develop apps that easily integrate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Some of the services they provide may not be included in the Microsoft Dynamics package. If the Microsoft Dynamics has a good relationship with these vendors, it will be easier for you to have the right app whenever you want them.