Property 365 - Best infrastructure and property management solution

There are numerous real estate managers and property developers that provide solutions on infrastructure as a service Qatar. In order to manage inquiries from buyers, project information and investor relationships, there are many real estate property management softwares but the one that has been used extensively is Property 365. It is real-estate CRM software known for providing several tools for management of sales, marketing, rents and leads. Hence, it is an end to end solution that creative a customer centric approach by streamlining marketing, property sales, service process and post sales. This ultimately enhances the brand image of the business by ensuring effective collaboration and teamwork among departments.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has launched Property 365 which is integrated with MS Office and leverage with Power BI for building customizable and flexible dashboards. It provides easy and instant access to insights and reports to users on the business and related infrastructure details.

Some of the key features of Property 365 are as follows:

  • Infrastructure as a service QatarEnquiry and Lead Management: With Property 365, you can capture several enquiries on property while keeping a track on prospects and leads that can be acquired directly through web-forms on the mentioned company websites. The leads and prospects can be automatically assigned based on pre-defines set of assigned rules. Furthermore, they are tested into opportunities after information analysis.
  • Bid Management: Optimize your bid management process from contracts to approvals to payments. You can make reservations on real estate units for bids during a pre-defined period and administer the pre-selected units.
  • Customer Management: Get a 360° view of your clients and keep them for relevant and personalized campaigns. Send alerts and automatic reminders on contract renewals, pending payments and more. By customizable customer portals, it allows tenants to access their relevant documents like lease, renewal or termination requests, view their payment history and follow maintenance requirements.
  • Leasing and Sales Management: This allows interacting with end users, investors and brokers by the help of structured sales, after-sales, leasing and post-leasing processes.
  • Leasing and Sales ManagementMobility: You can directly access important business information for example maintenance, contracts, quote, contract details and lead status requests. The tight integration of the software with effective emailing system available on mobile devices, information can be accessed at any time.
  • Marketing: Drive your potential digital customers through personalized and specific and intuitive marketing campaigns, such as email and SMS. The sales and marketing module helps effectively for communicating with concerned customers.
  • Reminders and Notifications: You can set up multiple reminders and notifications for tracking the progress of bids, the expiration, pending payments, and so on. To simplify managing sales and rentals, you can also receive notifications of upcoming expiration dates.
  • Reports and Dashboards: Provide the best strategic decision-making and user experience with highly easy-to-interpret, interactive and visual views and dashboards. These dashboards and reports help you better understand your real estate activities and make the right decision.