Must Have Features of Perfume and Cosmetic Storage

Products that come in contact with human bodies such as cosmetics and food require additional care for warehousing. The cosmetic industry is expected to reach $2.7 billion in 2020 solely in Dubai and if you want your company to be a part of this success, choose your cosmetic storage wisely.

Being sensitive products, perfumes and cosmetics require a storage facility which has an adaptable environment, technical facility and better security. However, to guide you through this journey of boosting up your cosmetics business in Dubai, here are a few quick tips you can consider to find right storage in Jebel Ali Free Zone for your products.

Safety of products

Safety of Products

Almost all perfumes and fragrances have flammable ingredients with some exception to nail paints and nail paint removers. Choose storage providers who can take care of such products with causing any damage.

Moreover, perfumes come in very delicate packing with a lot of glass involved and most of the perfumes cost higher than a regular drink. If they are not well taken care of, there are a lot more chances of breaking and wasting an expensive product. Other cosmetics such as kits and nail paints also have glass and mirror involved in their packing which increases the demand for safety.

In addition to the safety of the product, looking for security also plays an important role in choosing the right place for perfume and cosmetic storage in Jebel Ali Free Zone. Theft and damage can never be tolerated. Secure loading and unloading with proper surveillance and tracking involved must be under consideration while making the final decision.

Technical Adaptability

With the advent of e-commerce, the responsibility of logistics has increased at local as well as at the global level. Shipping products door to door to end users and vendors while they order from online catalogues and pay with e-banking is a high priority. Online shopping has undermined the significance of having brick-and-mortar stores. 35% of people in Dubai shop beauty products online and you definitely don’t want to stay behind. Therefore, make it sure that you get the complete package while renting a place for perfume and cosmetic storage in Dubai.

Business location

Space that Can Help Anytime

Perfumes and cosmetics are popular in specific seasons such as festivals and holidays than other times of the year. The sales completely depend on the consumers’ preferences and demands. The trends keep changing and you have to add and discard multiple things to and from your catalogue from time to time. To comply with the expectedly changing requirements, you must choose a warehouse that can accommodate your varying needs. If the season is hot, you must have enough space to store additional supply.


Warehousing near your target population can be a million dollar move in your business. The shipping costs will be low and transit time will significantly reduce.