How can Microsoft Azure benefit your business?

Microsoft Azure

There are several benefits offered by Microsoft Azure for your business. No matter the size of your business, Microsoft Azure Dubai has a powerful platform that can suit the needs of any enterprise.

Some of the prominent advantages of implementing Microsoft Azure are given below.

  • Managing multiple apps – Microsoft Azure lets you deploy apps and manage them easily. A web app can be created and customized on the cloud to maintain the infrastructure without much hassle.
  • Flexibility – Microsoft Azure is flexible and can evolve based on your requirement. You can easily customize the software using different applications and services.
  • Security – The data stored in Microsoft Azure's cloud software is protected by the spy-movie environment of the data centres. To access the data, one has to undergo a two-tier authentication along with proxy card access readers and hand geometry biometric readers. So, your data will be safe in any part of the world.
  • Storage – Microsoft Azure has more than one data centre and delivery points. So, it can store any data and assure faster delivery or sharing of data across virtual machines.
  • Microsoft Azure has built-in analytics system to analyze dataDisaster recovery – Microsoft Azure ensures a robust disaster recovery system. It has features like hot and cold standby modes, regional or global failover options and rolling reboots for emergencies. Thus, you can trust it services to recover your data in case of a technical failure.
  • Cost control – Microsoft Azure can help you control your expenditure as Microsoft allows you to rent servers for an affordable monthly cost. So, you do not need to replace servers every five years. Microsoft also takes care of the cost of heating, cooling or powering the servers.
  • Scalability – The scalability of Microsoft Azure makes it one of the most desired cloud infrastructure platforms. If you are hosting your app on the platform, you can only pay for what you need and scale up or down based on your traffic.
  • Built-in analytics – Microsoft Azure has built-in analytics system to analyze data and get insights, thus helping you make better business decisions.
  • Compliance – Microsoft ensures that the data stored in the cloud is very much protected to suit the privacy and security demands of each business. Microsoft Azure effectively complies with all the regulations in the finance and legal sectors to suit individual business needs.