Get the Thrill of a Lifetime on a Desert Adventure

Desert adventures are great for thrill seekers who love the feel of adrenaline pumping through their veins. Arabian safari Dubai satisfies for people who want a brush with danger. It provides a different and daring experience. An Arabian safari is ideal for people who are looking for excitement that has an element of danger. Are you that person? Arabian safari Dubai will fulfill your need for danger, excitement, and adventure and let you have that adrenaline rush while ensuring your safety.

Arabian Safari Dubai

Why chose Arabian Desert adventures?

First and foremost, we are tailored according to your specific needs. Arabian safari Dubai is one that ensures that all your needs are taken care off. The schedules for the safari are very flexible, designed to ensure that no one is left out regardless of how tight their schedules are. You have the freedom to mandate us to fit into your schedule by communicating with us beforehand. We as your fun custodians in the Dubai desert are dedicated to making sure you experience the desert excursions at your own convenient time and ensure you have maximum fun.

We not only ensure you enjoy yourself, but we also make sure you do not go over your budget by providing pocket-friendly packages. The packages are set to meet different budgets without compromising on the quality of experience. We cater to a wide range of clientèle from college students to accomplished business professionals. Whether you are looking for a private luxury desert safari or more wild exploration, Arabian Safari Dubai has you covered.

Explore your wild side

Dune Bashing

Imagine being in a comfortable 4*4 land cruiser with the driver swerving and sand dunes steadily rising. Dune bashing is a popular sport with Arabian safari Dubai. It will leave your body tingling with excitement. Desert adventures cater to the people looking for an adrenaline rush, explorers and thrill seekers. It is always best to have a light breakfast before going dune bashing. This will ensure you are not feeling nauseous or uncomfortable. If you are on a luxury package, you will be provided with a hummer just for you. Whether it’s the comfort, luxury, excitement or mind-blowing experiences you are looking for, Arabian safari Dubai is your best bet for fulfilling them.

Safaris can be done at sunrise, evening, sunset and overnight. Arabian safari Dubai caters for both the early birds and night owls. For an adrenaline rush, activities like dune bashing, sand boarding, and skydiving are great. If you are a thrill seeker, then quad bike tour, buggy driving camel driving will work for you. If you are an explorer, the long camel rides are more of your style. On your journey, you will experience Bedouin and Emirati traditions and way of life. Belly dancing, stargazing, campfire, taking photos, henna painting, watching Emirati dance, shisha and BBQ are fun for everyone. Romantic safaris are available for couples and give them the opportunity for privacy in a private arrangement. Enjoy Arabian romantic dinners, wildlife safaris, four-course meals, and desert wilderness. If you are looking for luxury, a romantic setting or an exhilarating adventure, Arabian safari Dubai will do it for you.