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A customer runs a market today, and every customer makes a decision about purchases to perform, considering a number of factors. These factors can be integrated into one aspect, called “a brand”. However, only a precise research of customer requirements, needs, preferences, taste, wishes, opportunities and even dreams allows to make a desirable commercial offer to a potential consumer audience. Accurate and constant analysis of your customer behavior and needs is a key to permanent and grateful customers.

Every company has a number of specifics, which identifies it and distinguishes out of a competitive environment. Some of these aspects belong to advantages, while others present commercial burden. However, only customers can identify disadvantages of an enterprise, despite employees’ or management opinion, as the market today is brought under customer’s control.

A brand is a beneficial aspect for a client. The benefits can be conditioned by a functional, emotional or a social aspect of a purchased product or service. Additional qualities require additional payment in compliance with a satisfactory level, provided by product characteristics. An ordinary approach to formation of a customer opinion is not capable to manage today’s competition in any business field. Business Aid offers a service of a company brand development, support and promotion. The service implies a marketing research, a competition analysis, identification of potential customers, development of a communicational platform, creation of a customer interface and a brand book formation.


The main methods of branding are possibilities of printing that allow to realize promotion of a trademark (brand elements) on the market. They are: silk screen printing, thermal transfer technologies, embroidery, embossing, advertising, including promotion in the mass media.

Besides printing capabilities, all opportunities for the formation of recognizability are used with a complex notion of the brand as an individual image, associated with the manufacturer (company) or products (goods, services). Providing the communication process between manufacturer and a customer audience (consumer), branding can extend to the work site (change WEB-pages, respectively corporate identity), products (logo on the product) and other things. Meanwhile, all channels of perception of information can be used:

  • visual – visual images, graphics, slogan writing, general design;
  • auditory – branded ringtone, musical logo, spoken phrases;
  • kinesthetic – texturing (packing, printing), aroma-marketing, etc.


The most efficient activity uses all the ropes of perception and communication, with clearly defined single target associations and aim at obtaining of certain consumer reactions.