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Today’s international economical situation cannot be considered as a stable and favorable environment for a business start-up and prosperous development. A cyclical principle of economy development conditions financial failures and changes, effecting customer demand, population income and financial possibilities of customers and legal entities. Anti-crisis consulting is directed at planning and development of efficient business solutions for economically unstable terms.

At Business Aid we believe that anti-crisis management should be introduced into a company structure in advance, before an actual crisis period. Such approach is conditioned by impossibility to accurately estimate a problematic situation at its culmination point. Another tendency during crisis period is decrease of personnel motivation. General critical situation of a market may become a reason for idleness and inactivity.

Anti-crisis consulting from Business Aid is a complex of measures, orientated at stabilization of a company economical position, analysis and dissolution of financial problems, identification of burden expenditure articles and disclosure of additional budgeting resources. However, the main purpose of the anti-crisis management is an enterprise adaptation to marketing changes and increase of company’s flexibility.

Business Aid offers on-retainer services of anti-crisis management, delivered by professional business consultants. Our experts are specialized in organizational optimization, management training, company restructuration, operation processes development, financial and management accounting.

So, let's go through all aspects of web production or agency that can and should be improved quickly by BUSINESS AID BUSINESS SOLUTIONS.

The topic of the report initially was: “How to bring order in the company without a change of activity”, but if your company has an internal product or another direction, which do not require a large and expensive staff of experts, as custom development of websites (brands, interfaces, applications, etc.), you should think about the change of your company’s activity. Studios and agencies, especially large ones will soon experience difficulties.

Do not be afraid of difficult solutions

The most important difference between this and the last crisis is an unprecedented media coverage. In 2008, all happened in silence and behind the scenes. Due to social networks, all the events of this crisis are in full view. The chiefs and employees are morally prepared for anti-crisis measures. If you reduce the staff, reduce the office, close unprofitable directions, etc. — nobody will be surprised and will apprehend it as a weakness. So, do not fear to act and do not pay attention to someone else’s opinion.

  • The tenets of anti-crisis time:
  • Go to martial law;
  • Reinforce the marketing activity;
  • Debugged the financial management;
  • Optimize production;
  • Implement a breakeven wage;
  • Save and improve the team;
  • Go to the external market.