Xpandretail provides people counter solutions

Many Companies has been in the business for more than a decade. The company has been delivering business intelligence service to organizations who want to take their businesses to the next level. Their service includes the provision of retail traffic counter devices, retail customer analytics, retail business intelligence, customer counter system, as well as people counting systems.

The company assists business organizations and government agencies to streamline their operations. They help them provide customer related data that will be useful for promotional and marketing campaigns.

Improving profitability

Improving profitabilityTheir retail traffic counter system enables business organization increase their profitability. With the counter system, you can effectively plan your business strategy to increase the amount of traffic to your business. Their people counter systems have been installed and used in public transports, airports, malls, supermarkets, and the retail industry.

Why you need people counter system

There are several benefits of having people counter system installed in your business zone. When you have enough data about the customer traffic in your organization, you will be able to plan better for future marketing campaigns. It will help you concentrate on the areas that need more promotions.

Data from people counter provides information for retail stores to calculate their conversion rates. Moreover, business organizations will be able to identify the progress they have made in their marketing campaigns. When there are improvements in retail traffic after a promotional campaign, it is an indication that the marketing campaign has yielded a positive result. Otherwise, data will be available to improve on the performance.

A solid operational base

Xpandretail has its headquarters in Dubai, UAE. They have comprehensive coverage and operations across 5 continents with industry leading data management solutions. Xpandretail provides data counting solution to countries in the Middle East with more than 40,000 installations to date. Their cutting-edge technology has been adopted by many organizations with recorded improvements in profitability.

What Xpandretail can do for you?

Data management solutionWith their high-end people counting and data management solutions, Xpandretail can help organizations improve in the following areas:

  • Improvement of in-store operations
  • Maximizing sales potentials
  • Optimizing store performance
  • Easing customer navigation and improving store layout
  • Modifying staff schedules to meet the buying pattern of customers
  • Analyzing the impact of marketing initiatives
  • Determining in-store activities

Overall, Xpandretail has made its name in the industry as a people counting solution provider with a difference. Whenever you are ready to improve the overall operation of your business, you can count on them to deliver.