What Happens After Waste Paper Collection in Dubai

Papers are an important resource of the world and by recycling them you ensure that this valuable asset does not go to waste while reducing the overall cost of your landfill. There are many companies helping you in waste paper collection Dubai - House Kraft Paper is one of the best.

The Fate of Your Paper After Recycling

White Paper

Waste paper collectionWood free, coated soft and not coated hard white papers are trimmed from printers and also include spicers rejects and candida envelops. These are usually sourced from the printers and almost all of them are pre-consumer. After recycling they all become white again while the mixed become newspaper, card, and magazines.

Office Paper

Lightly tinted and almost 60% white, these papers are of high quality. The remaining 40% consists of envelopes, pads, newspaper and magazines etc. All the collected office papers are most of the time pre-consumer and come from various setups and environments. After recycling the fate is similar; that is they become white paper again and the mixed turns into magazines, newspapers, and card.

Mixed Paper

These are all the non sorted stuff, or parts of, that usually by mistake or deliberately mixed together. These are usually post-consumer wastes and the source includes schools, newsagents, and printers.

The type of products remanufactured which may include newspapers, card, and magazines etc.

Shredded Ledger Paper

When documents are destructed and sorted to exclude magazines, newspaper, cardboard, & other groundwood paper. Sourced from offices, these are post-consumer waste dealing with variable confidential information and places where the destruction of the document is required such as hospitals, lawyers, banks and corporate offices.

Over Issue Newspaper/ Magazine

From web presses, coated groundwood magazines and newspapers are collected which are pre-consumer and sourced from the printer. The waste is usually mixed with the fly-leaf shaving as the same print process is used to manufacture them. They turn into books and magazines after recycling

Unprinted News

Flyleaf shavingsCoated mechanical paper which is actually an unprinted newspaper, a pre-consumer waste which is turned into books and magazines.

Flyleaf Shavings

These are the off-cuts of magazines from web presses. It is mixed with the waste of over issue paper as the source is same. They also become magazines and books.


These are also pre-consumer and sourced directly from printers. During recycling, they are often mixed with fly-leaf as the process is same for printing.

Super Mix

These are high-gloss paper magazines and posters. These are turned into wood-free paper or coated book stock after recycling.

Polycup Stock

They hold cold and hot drinks and are polyethylene coated. Usually sourced from the manufacturers, these are pre-consumer. The bleached kraft paper is removed during the process and turned into white.