Setup Your Own Business In Dubai

Dubai with its balnced and growing economy always welcomes the foreign investors. With the liberal restrictions suit most of the area of investments around the world; UAE stands second on Agility’s world emerging markets logistics index. If you are planning to setup your business or want to make some investment in Dubai, you have come to right place for the guidelines. For the investment even if it’s small you need expertise of any investment company in Dubai. At Mawarid, we understand financing solutions play an important role in the success of your business. And that’s why we have a specialized team of SME Relationship Managers who will provide you with a host of Islamic financing solutions.

For the records UAE has the best possible combination of business opportunities, best infrastructure and transportation. Whenever we talk about free zone, Dubai is the name arises in our mind which was the first to introduce economic free zone model. The laws and regulations of free zone provide non native entrepreneur the best possible options for their businesses fruitful results. They also give 100% of company ownership. But if you are planning to set up your business outside a free zone, you have to make partnership with a local person to hold 51% stake in your business. But the fact is you have to face little to non problems during setting up a business in Dubai. It’s pretty straightforward. The only barrier is to know the best markets to make the investment. Moreover, local and regional knowledge is required. Have to do an extensive research to build a vast knowledge to operate your business in the sector suits you best. If you start it right there are more chances of sustainability. Dubai offered more than 2000 options to select the type of your business to invest in. With several categories you have to apply for relevant license.

To keep your investment flourishing you have to take look for the best available possibility and for that you can take the expertise of Investment Company. For instance, if you are investing in shoes business and importing them from relevant sources you can’t suddenly switch to importing wood or other goods. With a consulting license you are not allowed to do trading, so ask for expertise f you are planning to apply for a new license.

Dubai is visited by tourist all over the world. It is also the safest country to start your investment because of lack of terrorism.  Choose a good plan to make your investment ground breaking. You can spend some time to choose your partner, start talking to Gulf Arabs, try to understand their psyche, exchange your ideas with them. It will help you out in setting up a business with lesser challenges to face. The Dubai government is emphasizing on the huge breakthrough in business their arena which can support the economy on long term basis. With the laws which are favorable and the environment which is tax free you can earn the aces with your investment.