Gain a CIA Qualification and excellent training with British Columbia International

British Columbia International Provides CIA Training in Dubai

International Recognition

In a highly globalized world, most students want a qualification or certificate that gives them the latitude and flexibility to chose from a wide array of markets to settle and work in. In the midst of a plethora of institutions and qualifications out there, making an impulsive decision regarding your future could translate into a waste of time, and therefore one must prioritize a qualification that is recognized as widely in the world as possible.

Boosted CV profile and employability prospects

A world renowned qualification administered by experts in the auditing field is perhaps the only way to not only build a strong CV but also stand out among several other job seekers in a popular market. British Columbia International Provides CIA Training in Dubai because the market of the UAE is highly sought after as a place to live and work, which means people from all over the world will be looking to take advantage of recruitment cycles. Therefore, especially if you're looking to become a part of the auditing sector in Dubai, a qualification from a Dubai-based institution will naturally set you apart. 

Experience in Dubai counts for more

For people looking to work in the auditing field in Dubai, having work or training experience in Dubai itself is a testament to the rigorous quality and prestige the person has undergone. Experience in Dubai stands on a higher pedestal compared to experience in other places since employers are quite familiar with the training and teaching sector which is responsible for preparing their potential workers. 

High Salary Levels

A large, highly developed market, alongside rapid expansion prospects make the Dubai auditing sector an excellent employer. Internationally recognized and top-notch qualifications naturally mean employers are willing to pay handsomely for the skills they are seeking to engage. Applicants with the CIA qualification can expect to be compensated up to 40% more than their counterparts.

Ease that does not compromise on quality

Compared to the CPA and CFA qualifications, for example, the overall amount of time the CIA study and exam period requires is significantly lower. It means if you have decided as to which section you want to specialize in, internal or external audit, the overall amount of time you spend being prepared and doing away with the exams is significantly less than that for other accounting qualifiers.

CIA Qualification and excellent training with British Columbia International

Range of objectives catered to

The qualification has the added virtue of contributing to your growth, but also allowing you to contribute to your employer in the best way. Additionally, it will put you in a position where the department or section you work for becomes more empowered, and your firm’s position as a part of larger society becomes so that it keeps up with emerging needs. 

Scholarship opportunities

The social makeup of Dubai places a great degree of importance on the acquisition of quality education and rewards prestigious qualifications. The government, the corporate sector, and the academic world together offer a wide range of scholarships, mostly based on need. This means those with extenuating financial circumstances are not held back from achieving breakthroughs if they are willing to work hard.