Five Hidden Car Rental Charges and How to Avoid Them

Airlines, taxis, and other services show all the taxes on their fees. However, car rental agencies are still able to hide a few charges in their bills. You will be surprised to find the added amount that you have to pay when you return the vehicle. If you are planning to rent a car in Silicon Oasis you should know about the following hidden charges your rental company might add.

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Extra Fee

Many people use the kiosks at the airport to book a car. They find it convenient to call them up at the terminal. However, many car agencies have to pay extra fees in order to operate around airports. These companies usually add this extra concession amount in your final bill. You can easily avoid this fee by asking the rental company to send the car somewhere around the airport. Also, make sure you have an alternate option to reach that place such as a free shuttle or public transport.

Age-Related Penalty

Many companies don't rent the car to people who are under the age of 25. However, if you find a rental agency that will lease a car to people who are twenty-one years old, you may have to pay a little extra amount. At least 80-100 AED would be charged if you are underage. You can compare the rates beforehand and find the cheapest deal to overcome this extra fee.

The amount for Extra Fuel

It is better to fill up the fuel tank before returning the rented vehicle. Many companies add refueling amount in their final bill. They may charge some extra amount per liter which you can easily avoid by refilling the tank. Always check the amount of fuel in the tank before taking the car from the rental company so you can refill the exact same amount.

Charges for Damage

Accidents are inevitable and if you find yourself in such a situation, you may have to pay a hefty amount. You should check your insurance policy coverage to avoid this extra amount or choose a rental company that charges the lowest rates like a collision damage waiver.

Amount for More Than One drivers

The amount for More Than One Drivers

If you are thinking to share the rented car with some other driver, make sure that your car rental company allows it. There are several agencies that add some extra fee in the final bill for the extra driver. You can compare the rates and ask them if they charge the extra amount to avoid this penalty.