Don’t Let the Real Estate Prices Come in between Your Dream Office

If we talk about the situation here at Doha, it is the economic center of Qatar. Being one of the largest producers of oil and natural gas, Doha attracts many international organizations and markets. Years after winning the rights to host 2022 FIFA World Cup, the real estate prices went up but that also welcomed many investors in the city. Doha was also included in Fortune’s 15 best cities for business in 2011. With such emergence of different economies all in one place, it is becoming tough for companies to acquire an appropriate office space for their routine work. Getting an office space of diverse sizes, fully equipped with latest technologies and facilities, in a city like Doha is very much difficult and yet vital. Put it simple, a service office is an office which is completely furnished with the newest facilities and a proper office management.

Following are 2 of many services provided by Alliance Business Centers Doha, Qatar:

  1. Business Lounge: A place where you can meet your clients provided with a wonderful atmosphere. Our furnished executive lounge gives an amazing experience to you and your clients. Alliance Business Centers Doha provides you with the best executive lounges in the town. These lounges are perfectly planned and made to ensure that every client as well as the client’s clientele receives a wonderful experience. Business lounges can be a game-changer as well. Why? Because they provide a pleasant environment for companies and their clients to discuss their plans and deals and they can sign up a perfect contract mainly because of the kind of environment provided there.


ABC Doha executive lounge is all a business would ever want. A sophisticated place which offers a wonderful view of Doha which makes it a picture-perfect place to meet clients.

Services or facilities attached to the lounge are of utmost importance. These include a fast Wi-Fi, LED TV Screens, modern and stylish seating, and of course, a stunning view of the city.

  1. Business Packages: A new entrepreneur having a concise team for 4-10 employees would never want to use a big office space. They would rather prefer a room according to their needs and requirements. Similarly, a well-established business would have different priorities than a new start-up. At Alliance Business Centers Doha, your priorities and needs will be well understood and will be offered a variety of business packages. These packages are available to all worldwide. These packages give your business a prestigious office address, a stylish look to your office, a telephone receptionist answering your calls in your company name.

There are a variety of perks a company gets from these business packages. These include an access to offices and conference rooms at over 650 locations worldwide, personalized telephone reception service, access to lounges and cyber cafes and much more.