Best places for you

If you are looking for the honest and hardworking real estate broker. That provides you with best services then you are visiting the right site. Capital real estate broker are the one how provides you with the best places and work to your satisfaction. This company is working since 2009. And are known to be the best real estate brokers in Dubai as they make their name in the market just because of their honesty and loyalty with their customers. They are the most excellent real estate brokers how to offer you the best of their services. The places they offer you are the most beautiful and attractive so that consumers can live in the most comfortable and luxurious places.

Capital presents the high-quality standards and reliability in the business. By their working day and night so that they can serve their customers with quality work.

Some of the places they are serving are:

Princes house

It is one of the most beautiful projects on which Capital real estate brokers are working. It is located near M4 in the Slough. Its tenure of free household is 999 years. The units they are providing are as follows:

  • 1 bed
  • 2 bed
  • Studio

The size of these units is. Single bed is of 38 to 49 sq. m. and 2-bed room apartments are of 56 m and the studio is of 24.8 to 25 sq. m. its price distribution is divided according to the size and number of bedrooms in each unit. For example, single bedroom is of 2,35,595.29 double bedroom is of 3,16,195.35 and studio is of 1,75,745.25

41 elegant apartments are located in the slough town center. The kitchen of these apartments is designed by the Italian designer. These kitchens are fitted with the modern appliances which make it look more beautiful and attractive. Those appliances are also specially designed by a designer who makes its kitchen look more elegant and beautiful.

What things make these apartments more beautiful?

These apartments has some more features that make it look more attractive are as follows

  • Ceramic bathroom floors
  • Wooden flooring
  • Double glazed windows
  • Open living area

These are some of the features that make your apartment look elegant and there are also some things that make you comfortable living in there for example built in wardrobes. These built in wardrobes help you to put your things inside without any problem to having your own wardrobes with you all the time.

Prince house is also giving you a warranty of 10 years for your things inside the apartment in case of any issue you are having with your apartment and the things inside it.

Just like prince house capital Real Estate Brokers always give you the best places for you so that you may stay with ease all the time without having any problem. And we will feel honoured in serving you our best quality service.