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Fast Life Business is well established company based in Dubai, UAE, providing professional solutions, growth advisory and comprehensive range of business incorporation services to both new and experienced investors.

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Established in 2011, FLBS has been growing in leaps and bounds. With a healthy, professional work attitude and a mix culture, surrounded by intellects that are well trained and geared to provide the practical guidance and quality assistance in starting and running a business across Dubai.

Our entire business is abreast with customer satisfaction policy because we conduct our business dealings in a consistent and efficient manner. This will be evident to you from your very first phone call. Our services range from Business Consultancy, Business formation, PRO Services to Serviced offices. We have a strong customer focused ethos of providing high quality company formation packages and related products with excellent levels of service, supported by high quality resources. 

We believe in partnering our clients at every stage of the process. Everybody at FLBS has a clear cut focus of making your life simpler; to ensure that your company formation process is smooth.

We guide you at each and every step. FL is run by skilled and knowledgeable staff with experience in all aspects of setting up a company and in providing customers with an exemplary service. This is what enables us to strengthen the operating performance of our business and offer hassle-free investment advice, which goes hand in hand with our suitable and attractive packages. Perhaps that is why we continue to gain so many clients ranging from large firms to entrepreneur individuals relocating to Dubai. 

We believe that setting up a company today should be an enjoyable experience, one which is straight-forward and quick, and one where the customer is fully confident at every stage of the process. Needless to say, our service quality and attention to details make us different from all the other Business setup service providers across Dubai.


In FLBS , we believe in business alliance and partnership with our prospective clients. It is our humble desire to remain as the most approachable business solution center to our partners.


Our Vision complies with our mission for growth and strength in each individual as their business booms steadily but gradually.



  • Customer focus
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Excellence
  • Teamwork
  • Open communication
  • Good work environment
  • Social responsibility


We help our clients grow and prosper by providing them an array of high quality professional business and individual services. Our first priority is to serve our clients in the most effective way possible. We will consistently strive to provide superior services and products and we will endeavor to build long-lasting relationships and partnerships with our clients, maintaining a professional culture that is supportive and motivating.

Our unwavering commitments to our clients will be equaled by our commitment to our associates and our focus on improving investor value.

We are delighted and proud of what we created, but that is not our main goal. We want you to be delighted with your purchase and the service you receive from us.


The consulting company BUSINESS AID BUSINESS SOLUTIONS positions itself as an essential element of your customer's business, from which, as of the comma in the sentence, the meaning, content and result often depend on.

Legal services

In the state of the consulting company BUSINESS AID only highly skilled lawyers work. Our employees have extensive experience in providing legal services in various areas of economic, tax, corporate and labour law. In their daily work, the staff of the legal company analyze dozens of the most various and confusing situations, determine the optimal ways of the solution, providing clients an effective tool to solve their current problems.
The consulting company BUSINESS AID BUSINESS SOLUTIONS establishes its work on the provision of legal services on the principles of Professionalism, Efficiency and Quality.
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The advantages of the lawyers in Dubai

Due to the community of legal framework and normative legal acts, which determine the procedure and the “rules of the game” among market participants, other law firms in Dubai provide similar services in the field of legal consulting, arbitration and evaluation.
LLC BUSINESS AID BUSINESS SOLUTIONS differs from others because it creates its activity entirely in accordance with the interests of the client.
Our work principles, defining the leadership and winning strategy in the industry are:
Professionalism. High qualification of our lawyers and other professionals that develops all the time at the regional, Arabian and international law trainings and seminars.
The quality of the work. We have a huge practice in reviewing of different cases of administrative, civil-legal and criminal proceedings.
Efficiency. This is the most important requirement to the work of any professional lawyers. From the height of their experience, the specialists of the consulting company BUSINESS AID understand how it is important for the client to receive a legal support on time. Therefore, the clients of the company FLBS can be sure that asking for an advice from the layers of our company, they will never be in a situation of anxious waiting, when every minute is valuable. The help will come in time! So, let’s summarize the results. The quality of work on rendering of legal services is provided by the corporate code of the BUSINESS AID BUSINESS SOLUTIONS. We value our professional reputation.
That is why the head of the work of our company’s lawyers is professionalism and maximal efficiency for our clients!